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REPSOC promotes mental and physical wellbeing through events,  educational workshops, media and the arts.

 These are some of the projects and services we offer


Prison By Another Name?

Exploring mental health through immersive storytelling and community organising.

Roadmaps to Recovery

A workshop that identifies the different coping strategies that we can use to aid our recovery

Mental Wealth

Our flagship conference celebrating resilience, recovery and reparations.

Fat Loss & Physique Transfomation

Our qualified personal trainers offer affordable and bespoke coaching to help you achieve your fitness goals.


A conference series that gives a platform to changemakers in the community to share their wisdom.

Writers Bloc

A meeting space for artists to share their work in a chilled an organic environment

Upcoming Events

My Polar Opposites: The War of The Mind (Book and Album Launch)

On March 20th, 2020 in ambitious fashion Eche Egbuonu will be releasing his debut novel and album – expanding the conversation around mental health with key insights and raw honesty.

Join us and find out what it’s like to have a war with the mind.

I was at this inaugural event in 2016 – it *still* comes to mind. Unfortunately the content is as relevant now as it was in 2016. Highly recommended.

Prison By Another Name Attendee

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