workshops and programmes

We offer a range of workshops and programmes; take a look below and get in touch to arrange a session at your institution.


prison by another name?

This monthly event brings together professionals, mental health service users and other people who have an interest in the mental health of the community. It provides an environment where people can share their experiences (positive and negative), receive advice and formulate a community response to the issues that negatively affect our mental health. it is an early intervention mechanism that is owned by the community.

speak your piece

A workshop designed to develop the oration skills of primary and secondary school children. Public speaking is an important skill in many aspects of life and we encourage young people to break through their comfort zone through interactive and fun activities. 


teach them to fish (health & wellness masterclass)

This masterclass focuses on teaching people the essential skills in the areas of body weight manaement, nutrition and exercise. Our session is lead by a qualified personal trainer currently completing a Diploma in Education and Training Practical tools, case studies and one to one support is available upon completion of the session(s)